Lamentations of the Flame Princess Potion List

These are all the spells in Lamentations of the Flame Princess that can be made into potions.  See page 81 of Rules and Magic for details on how potions can be made. Lots of help with this came from Simon over at Professional NPC !  ALPHABETICALLY Army of One Audible Glamour Bestow Spell Ability Bookspeak Change Self Charm Monster Charm Person Clairvoyance Comprehend Languages Contact Outer Sphere Contingency Cure Critical Wounds* Cure Disease*, Cure Light Wounds* Cure Serious Wounds* Delay Poison Detect Illusion Detect Invisible Detect Magic Duo-Dimension ESP Enlarge Faerie Fire False Alignment Feather Fall Feeblemind Fly Force of Forbidment Forget Gaseous Form Glass Eye Haste* Heal Howl of the Moon Imprisonment* Invisibility Invisibility Improved Legend Lore Levitate Light* Light, Continual* Lucubration Magic Sword Maze Message Mind Blank Mirror Image Neutralize Poison* Passwall Polymorph Self/Others Protection From Normal Missiles Protection From Normal Weapons Shape Change Speak

Creature "waves"

  Ok here is a quick way I devised to have "waves" of creatures. Pick a die - like 1d6, 1d8, 1d20 start with one creature the players encounter it - and if it is killed - have each of them roll the die you chose - if they roll above the number of creatures they just killed - add one creature and keep going so One creature fight if it is killed all the player characters roll the chosen die if they roll above the amount of creatures killed add one and that many are encountered so 1 creatures  fight fail roll = 2 creatures fight fail roll= 3 creatures fight fail roll= 4 creatures fight fail roll= 5 creatures fight fail roll= 6 creatures fight fail roll= ... This works well for: Giant rats, Giant Crabs, giant Bats, Giant spiders, kobolds, goblins, mudmen, skeletons animating, Giant millipedes, a creature's tentacles, cultists, etc nests, or something where a new thing emerges over time as they fight. good things to do: as each enters - have them enter a diff way - or the same

Inversion Tarot

  This is a draft of a tarot deck I am working on - All the art is very temporary, and there is lots of meanings and symbols to be added and defined                                                                               Fool becomes the: Genius The use of disparate elements or hidden connections – focus – determination – overwhelming hardship  - unusual decisions forge great results – a hacker, an expert in the field, a magnet for trouble inventions, unusual drugs, music CDs, impromptu tools The Magician becomes: The Scientist Careful study and recording of life – discovery after effort and preparation – technology – serious  people, pharmacists, a very subdued date – serial killers syringes, glassware, scrubs, textbooks The High Priestess becomes: The Worshipers Supporters, fame, infamy, foolish people – systems and particular clothing, customs, or manners  - fans  or loyal animals – stadiums and churches candles, bible pamphlets, autographs, magazines The Empress becomes: The