Dungeon Apps

 "I’ve just been wondering what apps adventurers would use if smartphones worked in dungeons" - Jeff Rients Here's some ideas we had: "Lock app for thieves - take a pic and then other users give you terrible contradictory advice on how to pick it."  "I'm thinking wandering monsters have some sort of gig economy app, like they bid on who patrols what level when." (Jeff - of Jeff's Gameblog !) (art by @ SamuelThomasCu2 - thanks sam! ) Gnomes play candy crush, of course. Slack, but for goblins and trolls! App that makes noises that attract bugs (tasty snack for dungeon creatures) Dubious magic detector apps, "point towards people to detect evil!" Poison detector apps - which is basically a shitty flowchart for figuring out what poison killed someone once they drink it. "This app will play sounds that heal you while you sleep!" "This app will send long distance messages to family via dream!" Shitty home automation but

100 d&d-able pogs

 All pog images are from Milkcap Mania ! 1: A kick-ass golden robot with a laser pistol!!! 2: A shiny fanged skeleton wearing a cloak! 3: Poison! 4: An injured bandit! 5: A freaky mesmerist! 6: The goblin! 7: Vici Nett the merman! 8: Flaccid the grey ogre! 9: Some kind of weird green person! 10: Anubi the muscly horseman! 11: Hundred of scarabs! 12: Cheshire the hobgoblin! 13: Angry mummy! 14: The roc! 15: Cringing vampire! 16: A ghoooooost!!! 17: A wacky creature made of pure energy! 18: An egg! 19: A bomb!!!! 20: Smelly Cheese! 21: A secret passage! 22: Congratulations, you've been ambushed by a giant squid! 23: Immune! 24: A sarcophagus! 25: A ghastly visitor from beyond the grave!!! 26: This dragon is morbidly obese! 27: Karate Sid! 28: Ninja Vulture! 29: A bloated jazz fly! 30: Karie the armored skeleton! 31: The caliph of Bagdad 32: Dwarf hydra!!!!! 33: Chefamm the skeleton chieftain! 34: A stein of beer! 35: Bunches and bunches of crazy-ass magic! 36: The grim reaper!!! 37: