Twelve Saints

 here is a table of twelve saints!

1 st. cyperian, who was crushed by a falling drawbridge
    st. cyperian famously commanded a fearsome general to drop his weapons during a critical battle.

symbols: drawbridges, a club laying on the ground.

2 st. isla, who was clubbed to death 
    st. isla is known for being selfless and honorable, and healing anyone who she crossed paths with - even to her own detriment. she healed the vagabonds who later clubbed her to death.

symbols: an open hand, spearmint leaves.

3 st. shannon, who fell into a raging river
    st. shannon is the patron saint of explorers, often known by the common folk for her apparent fearlessness - a trait often shared with her companions.

symbols: two eyes in the darkness, rivers.

4 st. raine, who was sliced in half by the devil
    st. raine couldn't help but be nosy, and she paid dearly when she detected evil in her abbey and accused a visiting monk of baleful intentions - who then revealed himself to be the devil.

symbols: people sliced in half, candlesticks.

5 st. mace, who who fell ill
    st. mace is known among all as a magnanimous man, famously saving the lives of thousands by restoring the sanctity of food stores during sieges.

symbols: wheat (the staff of life), castles.

6 st. miel, who was struck with lightning
    st. miel is often unknown, and usually uttered as a curse by mad wizards and dangerous sorcerers - they were a fearsome hunter and killer of foul magic users, until they got killed atop a wizard's tower.

symbols: daggers, lightning.

7 st. cerise, who got sealed in a wall
    st. cerise, famous architect and gardener, was drugged and hidden in the walls beneath her home, below her gardens and grounds - separated from her wavering faith, she turned away from the blessings she had become so renowned for. 

symbols: brick walls, cherries.

8 st. nicolo, who was consumed by a great fish
    and who lives there still, cloaked in the embracing arms of his god, sanctuary intact.

symbols: fish, praying hands.

9 st. nolwenn, who got lost in the woods
    st. nolwenn was sure to be protected from evil, but perils claimed her anyways, dark woods swallowed her, but now tales come back to town of lanterns and bridges, small signs and trails - all left deep in the woods.

symbols: lanterns, owls.

10 st. marcella, who burned in a chapel fire
    st. marcella is often spoken about in hushed tones, as there are rumors she was a famous adventurer before her faith, and was irrevocably changed after a experience miles below the earth.

symbols: flaming churches, people surrounded by corpses.

11 st. davyd, who was slain by wicked monks
    st davyd was buried in a shallow grave, his possessions stolen, and nobody even knows where. Now a great tree has grown from his grave, and a small summer festival is held yearly under it's vast shade.

symbols: things casting shade, fingers crossed behind one's back.

12 st. salah, who died in her sleep
    st. salah performed final rites for at least three kings, hundreds of nobles, and personally oversaw the construction of hundreds of tombs, mausoleums, chapels, and churches. She also destroyed more undead than anyone else, turning whole armies of undead at several points during her life.

symbols: doorways opening, flaming corpses.